South Bay Clean Creeks Coalition originated as a community based effort called Friends of Los Gatos Creek. To date, this group has conducted over 140 creek cleanups removing 170 tons of trash from Los Gatos Creek and the Guadalupe River.

Our local watershed has seen the impact of nearly 20 years of neglect as the City of San Jose Agencies chartered with protecting our rivers and creeks were shuttered or drastically curtailed due to budgetary constraints.

Our group’s vision is to apply a similar reclamation effort to additional rivers and streams. So in August 2014, Friends of Guadalupe River was launched with a long range goal of extending our efforts over to Coyote Creek.  Since August we have had 7 cleanups and have taken 11 tons of trash out of this river.  A simple idea was hatched - TEAM 222; we would be active every 2nd month, on the 2nd Saturday for two hours. TEAM 222 events are transforming our local creek. It's amazing the impact something as limited as two hours of volunteer work makes!
Join us for our next cleanup and you’ll see what an impact just two hours of work will make on our lovely creeks and rivers.

Friends of Los Gatos Creek Cleanup with St Andrews 12-12-13 Beaver Video Chinook Salmon
Reclaim: The community can make a difference and our creeks require regular maintenance. We identify the trash-ridden areas and clean them up.

Restore: With the restoration efforts of our group, the Los Gatos Creek has become habitable again. Beaver action along Los Gatos Creek, 2014.

Revitalize: Enjoy this collection of video tracks of Chinook salmon activity on Los Gatos Creek. Even in the face of severe drought conditions, these fish fought their way up our creek to spawn.